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Having returned to So-Cal to make my fortune and vindicate the downtrodden in the process, my mission is to either make you think or annoy the hell out of you-your choice.

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It's been said that one grows more conservative as time passes. I shatter that statement into Oblivion.

I support the unions because the minimum wage should be $20 an hour and we should all have free health care.

I once supported the death penalty. Now I'd rather see a thousand criminals set free than one innocent person put to would you if your child were the innocent person on death row.

I believe in Affirmative Action because employers don't want to hire the invisibly disabled.

I was once pro-life. Not only am I pro-choice....I'm actually pro-abortion, because I've come to realize that, since this is a heartless world, some need to be protected from the conservative vermin who live here:

Those who say that all life is precious, but will do nothing to help their fellow human beings who needlessly struggle.
Those who vote for higher military budgets and wonder why public schools are underfunded.
Those who oppose minimum wage increases and wonder why poor people are forced to steal in order to survive.

I used to have a problem with "illegal" immigration, until I came to realize that the Pilgrims were illegal immigrants, as were Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ.

I believe in God's reality, but question His soberity. What loser would use His Son as a scapegoat to correct His mistake? What's more, what moron would give the homo sapien another chance after the Flood?

I'm a writer, a student of history and originally from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

Having acquired a learning disability due to meningitis as an infant, I know how little the "People" care for their fellow citizens. They don't want to educate those with learning disabilities, don't want to hire them and don't want to deal with them-period. All of this had caused me to believe in a federal government that dwarfs that of FDR's, because the very people who are shut out of higher education through no fault of their own are the first to suffer during a budget crises and draw the ire of many for "not contributing to America by working for a living."

Malcolm X comes to mind whenever I think of this, as he said that he had no sympathy for a society that puts heavy burdens on those who are least able to bear the weight and then punishes the same for their failure. Yes, Malcolm is one of my heroes.

I am an avid reader of Jefferson, Thoreau, Voltaire, Marx, Benjamin Franklin, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Thomas Paine, the Clintons, Salinger, Vonnegut, Obama and others.

I'm also a fan of heavy metal and mythology. I can listen to Wagner or Kiss; Mozart or Five Finger Death Punch; Bach or Slipknot; Chopin or Dio; Stravinsky or Three Inches of Blood; Dvorak or Hypocrisy; Luther or Immortal (gotta love that Black Metal from Sweden and Norway!) I'm currently collecting heavy metal albums from Russia-especially Aria, Yuggoth and Nighthatred.....and who could forget GORKY PARK?


This country would be a better place if we could truly agree to disagree. Sadly, we have those who insist on questioning the patriotism of others aren't paranoid and who won't go along with wars which are waged on manufactured intelligence.

This country would be a better place if people of opposing faiths would put aside their invisible arguments and just wait to find out who is right. After all, we might all be wrong.

This country would be a better place if we helped people who want to contribute, but can't afford the education they are told they will need to escape poverty...and bank loans don't count as help.

I've been mistaken for being an Atheist. However, atheism is illogical, because there is order to the Universe. Doesn't the lawn take over if it's not mowed? Someone is mowing the lawn, I just believe that this particular Someone has mental issues. Why would this Someone allow a person to be abused as a child and then punish them for the sins they commit in adulthood which resulted from what happened to them years earlier? Is this Someone we should worship? Sure, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but that doesn't mean His Father isn't an introverted child who enjoys hurting His creation when He doesn't get His way.

A word of advice, God: Don't let people suffer beyond that which they can bear and they won't rebel....or did the French and Russian Revolutions teach You anything?

It's okay to have a different view than mine. All I ask is that you refrain from namecalling, and I will try to do the same. As for myself, I will try to attack your viewpoint WITHOUT attacking you personally. THAT is how one should debate. I use situations people don't normally think of, not personal attacks. A personal attack is not healthy, validates my view while it weakens your own and solves nothing.

If you choose to attack my view, please spell words correctly, as it only adds points to my belief that homeschooling is foolish.